The Server Dedicati Nova Web series, its Solution Blade Server or rack, is ideal for simple applications such as applications, website hosting or the development of small activities and offers, at the most accessible, qualitative, qualitative standards, memory and power of elaboration . All of our server are dedicated to offer a faster speed to your site so you can be positioned in the right direction and the search engines simply. The solutions, available with Windows or Linux Operating System, are supplied with connectivity without traffic limits, 1 IP address and h24 assistance service

It is also possible to be enriched by additional hardware or software components specifically designed for the management and administration of the machine. By choosing the Nova Web SE servers you can also enjoy all the advantages that our data centers offer according to the highest quality and safety standards. It is possible, however, to purchase an annual support with dedicated hours to optimize your server and solve problems that may arise during the production of your services.

Dell PowerEdge R2101x Intel Quad Core X34304 GB DDR2x1TB SATA2HDD (Software-RAID 1)Data Center Amsterdam 100 TB€ 100,00Order now
Dell PowerEdge R210 II1x Intel Dual-Core G5302 GB DDR32 X 500GBHDD (Software-RAID 1)Data Center Frankfurt 100 TB€ 80,00Order now
HP DL120G61x Intel Quad Core X34408 GB DDR2x1TB SATA2HDD (Software-RAID 1)Data Center Amsterdam 100 TB€ 120,00Order now
HP DL120G61x Intel Dual-Core G69504 GB DDR4x500GB SATA2 HDD (Software-RAID 1/5)Data Center Washington D.C. 100 TB€ 80,00Order now
HP ProLiant DL1201x Intel Dual-Core G69508 GB DDR34x500GB SATA2 HDD (Software-RAID 1/5)Data Center Washington D.C. 100 TB€ 100,00Order now
HP ProLiant DL120 G71x Intel Quad Core X34404 GB DDR32x 500 TB SATA2 HDD (Software-RAID 1)DataCenter SanFrancisco 10 TB€ 140,00Order now
Dell PowerEdge R2101x Intel Quad Core X3438 GB DDR2x2TB SATA2HDD (Software-RAID 1)DataCenter SanFrancisco 100 TB€ 150,00Order now
Intel® Core™ i7-4770 1x Intel Quad-Core Haswell32 GB DDR2x2TB SATA2HDD (Software-RAID 1)Data Center Germany 100 TB€ 100,00Order now
Intel® Core™ i7-9201x Intel Quad Core X343048 GB DDR2x2TB SATA2HDD (Software-RAID 1)Data Center Germany 100 TB€ 120,00Order now

A reliable Datacenter

All our dedicated servers are hosted in the best datacenters in the world. This is an ideal environment to host a multitude of servers and power, network, climate and security systems.

An optimized network

We are proud to operate on a separate network connected to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent and Integra. Private peering enables stable connectivity and the ability to quickly resolve malfunctions.

Renowned server hardware

IOur state of the art rack-based Dell and Supermicro servers are designed to deliver continuous high performance in a datacenter environment. They feature incredibly powerful Intel processors, hot swap drive bays, enterprise edition hard drives and ECC RAM.

Server management

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of management options that will meet all your server needs. Choose from User-Responsible (where you manage everything by yourself), Base (where NovaWeb handles almost everything) or Complete (where NovaWeb manages everything). If you require root access, please choose from our User-Responsible or Basic options.

Frequent omande:
Why should I choose a dedicated server?

Offering optimal security and maximum bandwidth, a dedicated server comes with all the resources, including root access, from a physical server. It is ideal for those who are more tech savvy (for example, for server management and configuration) and for companies that require a lot of resources, managing a considerable amount of daily traffic.

What is the main difference between dedicated servers and Clearance?

Think of Dedicated Servers as an umbrella, referring to those physical servers provided by a customer company (eg NovaWeb), which are then rented to a company for their exclusive use, configured and managed remotely. Clearance The servers are previously used Dedicated servers at a lower price.

What types of server management does NovaWeb provide?

Depending on your needs, NovaWeb offers 3 types of server management: User-Responsible, Basic and Complete. The user’s responsibility requires that the user assume full responsibility for the management of the server. Basic is where the basic services are monitored by NovaWeb with a proactive response in the event of an unexpected server error. Complete is where NovaWeb executes and manages all server, software and components services. Please note that Basic and Comprehensive Management is only available for those with CloudLinux or CentOS operating systems and Directadmin installed.

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